Interior Design Services

Design Consultations $100/hr Helping you make decisions on style, function, and space planning. Collecting measurements, specs for furniture, appliances, etc.  Gathering information, as well as problem solving. This hour can also include furniture re-arrangement, and accessory styling


Showroom Consultations $60/hr These consults are for follow ups on an entire design plan, and to help finalize decisions.

Project Management $80/hr Hiring and scheduling of contractors. Timeline scheduling and assurance of execution. In showroom and onsite meetings with contacts/contractors. On call visits for any remodel/construction jobs.

Shopping Consultations $60/hr Shopping trips which can involve the clients participation if desired.

Research Development and Accessibility  $50/hr Material sourcing, configuring materials needed, contact with contractors, contacts, and clients via email or text, regarding any type of job.

Graphic Design Packages $1000 Creating a complete design for your room. This package gives you a full plan of all of the parts and pieces needed to execute the design.  You’ll receive a complete graphic which shows how the room can look once completed. A floor plan with a to-scale basic sketch for arrangement, a list of all items used and a breakdown cost for each item, you will have samples to take home and try out in your lighting as well. This plan allows you to execute on your own timeline, or you can hire us to help further assist the process.