In-Home and Showroom Consultations

 In-Home Consultations $100
Helping you make decisions on style, Color, Function, and Space Planning. Collecting measurements, specs for furniture, appliances, and giving information on what types of materials to use. Gathering enough info to execute a design plan, and retaining information, as well as problem solving. This consult can also include furniture rearrangement and accessory styling. 

In Showroom Consultations: $35/Hr. If you are an existing client and we are meeting to go over design plans or change orders regarding construction at Palma Home Design Showroom for follow up.

Free Consults:

We are happy to schedule an appointment to familiarize you with our design services, products we offer, and custom designs created in our on-site workroom. We offer Free Advice for Custom Workroom products and time is usually spent picking out the perfect fabric, going over pricing and the services that will be provided.