Interior Design Renderings and Floor Plans

2D & 3D floor plans are helpful when space planning is needed. Showing clients the adequate amount of room required, and placement of all elements are vital in the function of the room.

Design Renderings are an absolute when showing the clients the exact colors, materials, and products from online and local sources. Solidifying design decisions to insure costly mistakes are not made.

Basic Design Plan $300
2D and 3D Floor plans, research, product sourcing, shopping to find items to fit in the space. List of all materials and quantities required. You will receive samples, pictures, and a List of items/pricing given as well.
With this service you will then be given the designer discounts at local and online sources

Complete Design Plan with Renderings $800
Creating a Finished design plan for your room. Everything listed in the basic plan as well as renderings. This plan allows you to see all of the EXACT colors, lighting, cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, fabrics, materials, window treatments, etc. chosen by the designer or client. This will also show your current pieces that will be reincorporated in the design. Weather we are reupholstering a sofa or painting a furniture piece a certain color, you will be able to see how it looks in your new space.
Renderings help you see all of these design layers in the space before the money is spent and walls are knocked down. This plan is also very helpful for contractors as they receive a copy and helps them execute the design in a timely manner as all of the parts are already chosen- they are not needing to spend time shopping for you.
This plan allows the client to execute on their own timeline, and we can always help further assist in the process if needed.

If you start with the basic Plan then choose to have renderings done as well then a $500 fee is charged.

Prices are per room. Rooms may be grouped together in price if designer feels they are an open floor plan and require renderings to include an adjacent room to help with the overall plan. There also may be add-ons charged depending on the scale of the design.